SunSetter Awnings
SunSetter Awnings, free standing shade, motorized awnings. AWNING INSTALLATION ESTIMATE
Brand: SunSetter
Manufacturer: SunSetter
Beautiful Awnings Installed for relaxing shaded enjoyment of your backyard or commercial location

1000XT Awnings The SunSetter 1000XT Awning

The largest, most spacious of our manually-operated “vertical arm” awning. Ideal for all applications, and especially good for windy locates, the 1000XT will also accept a SunSetter Screen Room.


10000XT SunSetter Awnings Installed

900XT Awnings The SunSetter 900XT Awning

Our most affordable manually operated “vertical arm” model, smaller than the 1000XT, but with the same great protection and ease of use. The 900XT will also accept a SunSetter Screen Room. 

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SunSetter Awnings Installed

SunSetter Motorized/Motorized XL Awnings The SunSetter Motorized and Motorized XL Awnings

Our top of the line “Lateral arm style” awning, this elegant electric powered Model opens and closes effortlessly at one touch of a button. It has no vertical support arms – its support arms extend out directly under the awning canopy. The XL is identical to our regular motorized awning except for how far out from your home it projects when fully extended. The Motorized XL extends out a full 11 ft. 8 inches when completely open, for the most shade, protection, and coverage of any awning model


motorized-XL-Sunsetter-Awning installed San Antonio SunSetter Dealer

SunSetter Vista The SunSetter VISTA Awning

A non-motorized version of our Motorized model above. It opens and closes with a simple hand crank tool we provide.

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large awning -Vista by SunSetter Awnings. Installed

Freestanding Oasis Awning The SunSetter Oasis Freestanding Awning

With the SunSetter Oasis Freestanding awning (Motorized or Manual) you can have shade and protection anywhere — on your lawn, poolside, on your deck or patio, or any other stable, level surface

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SunSetter Awnins. OASIS free standing shade cover. Canopy for outdoors shade

San Antonio Award for SuperService Installer Dealer Awnings SunSetter


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